Fishing in Park Lake, Washington

Fishing in Park Lake, Washington
Park Lake is an uncrowded fishing spot in Grant County, Washington, near the eastern side of the state. The area has over 100 square miles of water within its county limits, and while Park Lake is popular with locals, it's not well known among visitors. The lake is adjacent to Sun Lakes State Park and close to Dry Falls. To fish in Park Lake, you need a license.

The Lake

Park Lake has about 6 miles of shoreline and is 85 feet at its deepest point. The lake was formed in the same manner as the water sources in Sun Lakes State Park, by slow-moving glaciers passing through the area thousands of years ago. The state park has its own campground. Fishing is allowed year-round, though most anglers have better luck in the early fall, spring and summer. When the temperature drops, it may be harder to find fish, as they search out warmer water. The state park is open from 6:30 a.m. to dusk, as of February 2010.


Fishing Tips

Park Lake is a freshwater lake, which means you won't find salmon and other saltwater fish in the area. Tiger trout and brown trout are common catches, ranging in size from about 12 inches to 17 inches. When fishing, use live bait for the best results, such as crawdads, minnows and night crawlers. The most common complaints about the fishing relate to the weather, especially the strong winds and hot temperatures in the summer. Try trolling for fish and dropping your line at an angle when shore fishing. Pull the line up as you slowly walk away, which keeps the line at an angle and may attract fish from other areas.

Fishing License

Fishing on Park Lake requires a license from the state. In Grant County, nine locations offer fishing licenses. Two Wal-Mart stores, Tri-State Outfitters, Coulee Playground Resort and Big 5 Sporting Goods all sell licenses. You'll also find fishing licenses at two gas stations: the George Washington Petro in George and the Chukar Hills Texaco in Ephrata.


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