Great Mountain Bike Games

Great Mountain Bike Games
Becoming a good mountain biker requires learning a lot of skills. One way to gain new skills on a mountain bike is by playing mountain biking games. Instead of hitting the same trails and obstacles everyday, try switching up your training with one of these fun and challenging games.

The Long Slow Climb

Challenge your riding buddy to a reverse race up a hill. This game is played by challenging a friend to be the slowest up a difficult hill. The last person to reach the top without putting her feet to the ground is the winner. Climbing slow is very difficult, and, chances are, when your legs start to burn, you will want to race for the finish. Try this game if you want to build balance, self-control and stamina.


Mountain Bike Polo

Learn how to maneuver at varying speeds by engaging in a game of bike polo. Play this game by creating two teams of mountain bikers, with each player having his own golf club or mallet to hit the ball (a tennis ball work best). Create goals on either side of a large grass or dirt field, and set a time limit for the game. The team with the most goals (and uninjured riders) at the end of the time is the winner. Not only will you have fun playing this riotous game, but also you will become a stronger and more agile rider.

Balance Games

Garner more control over your body and bike by playing balancing games. Time how long you can ride your bike on the edge of a sidewalk without falling, or, if you are more advanced, see how long you can ride a wheelie on the edge of a sidewalk. These skills tests can also be done on a 2 x 4 or any narrow platform.

Ultimate Bike Frisbee

Have fun and get fit by playing the biking version of this popular game. Ultimate bike Frisbee is a two-team game of speed and skill. Set up two goals on either side of a large field. Create two teams. The objective is for each team to advance the Frisbee to the opposite end of the team's starting position by throwing the Frisbee between players and trying to hit the goal with the Frisbee. The defensive team's objective is to intercept the progression of the Frisbee and take it to the appropriate goal. If the Frisbee is dropped, it automatically becomes property of the opposite team. The rider in possession of the Frisbee cannot touch her feet down, until she has passed the Frisbee. The team with the most goals at the end wins, but everyone gains more strength, speed and skill.


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