Fun Things to Cook When Camping

Fun Things to Cook When Camping
One of the most fun parts of camping is the food. We all look forward to hanging out by the fire and listening to something sizzle as it cooks, but, sometimes, hot dogs and baked beans get a bit old. Add a little creativity to your outdoor menu by trying new things. Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing.

Dutch Oven Pizza

Feed the craving without the delivery fee. Nothing fills a hungry belly quite like a warm pizza, but, unless you are camping in your backyard, it is doubtful the delivery boy will make it to you. Try making a pizza in your dutch oven. There are several recipes available, ranging from the simple dough-out-of-a-can crusts to all-out pizzeria style. Get the kids involved with choosing the toppings to add extra fun to what is sure to become a camping staple.


Apple Pie On a Stick

Taste an American classic like you never have before. With three simple ingredients and a toasty fire, you can get a taste of grandma's apple pie at any campground. To make this delicious treat, roast a large, granny smith apple, until the skin is blackened and bubbly. Peel the skin off, and roll the apple in cinnamon and sugar, until covered. Roast the covered apple, until the sugar mixture crystallizes. Let it cool enough to handle or until you just cannot wait any longer.

Gourmet S'mores

Give your campground kitchen the five-star treatment with gourmet s'mores. Add flair to this camping must-have with specialty ingredients like cookies, chocolate spread, cream cheese, nuts, fresh fruit, flavored marshmallows or a favorite candy bar.

Hungry Man Breakfast

Start the day off right with a hearty breakfast. To make this meal, guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest teenage boy, you can layer all of the following into your dutch oven, and cook until the eggs are done

1 lb. (precooked) bacon or sausage
1 bag frozen hash browns
1 egg for each person
Cheese for topping (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste (optional)
Serve with ketchup or salsa (if desired)

Article Written By Hollie Reina

Based in St. George, Utah, Hollie Reina recently started her professional writing career writing outdoor-related articles for She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Utah.

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