Books About Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Books About Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is gaining popularity with anglers, but it possesses inherent challenges because bass are known for aggressive strikes and acrobatic jumps. Smallmouth bass anglers will find several books available to help supply detailed information about fly fishing techniques, classic and modern flies, bass biology, habitat, feeding patterns and specific fisheries. Anglers can combine the knowledge of each author to be prepared for almost every bass fly fishing scenario.

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Author Harry Murray not only describes techniques used to locate and catch smallmouth bass, but he also includes casting instructions for wind resistant flies, new and classic fly patterns and detailed descriptions about environments and feeding patterns. The book has over 100 illustrations by Dave Whitlock. It sets itself apart from other books by providing instructions for tying flies that target smallmouth bass. The book is geared for anglers of all skill levels.


Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth: In Rivers and Streams

Fly fishing expert Bob Clouser, who was a smallmouth guide for over 25 years, includes 32 of his favorite smallmouth patterns with instructions for flies and fishing techniques for each fly. He also shares information about some of the best smallmouth locations in the country and tells anglers how to target trophy-size fish. In addition to fishing techniques, locations and color photos throughout the book, the author writes about the history, range, habitat and feeding patterns of smallmouth bass.

Fly Fishing for Bass: Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Exotics

Fly fishing expert Lefty Kreh provides a comprehensive guide to fly fishing techniques, flies, habitat and feeding patterns for all species of smallmouth bass. The book covers tackle selection and provides readers with advanced techniques for targeting trophy fish. Kreh is a leader in fly casting technique and shares his strategies for throwing large flies and making presentations in windy conditions. The book is a small pocket guide that can be carried for reference while fishing.


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