Where to Ski at Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Where to Ski at Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Steamboat Springs is one of the quintessential Colorado Rocky Mountain ski experiences, with a long pedigree of turning out champion skiers and Olympians--more than 50 so far. Steamboat combines a charming town with extensive slopeside facilities and an impressive range of mountains and terrain. It's truly a destination ski resort town. Steamboat has a bit of something for every skier, no matter your level or taste.

For the Beginner

If you're a beginner, or not too steady on your planks, take a lesson before you hit the slopes--it's a good investment of time and will make the rest of your time at Steamboat more enjoyable.

Once you're sliding with confidence, take the Gondola up to Thunderhead and enjoy a long, winding cruise down through the trees on Why Not to the Thunderhead lift, where you can quickly come back up for more runs. For a shorter run, jump onto Spur Run and come back up to Thunderhead via the Elkhead lift.

Intermediate Skiers

If you're working up from the greens to the intermediate slopes, take the Gondola up from the base and then ski over to the Sundown lift. This will take you to the top of Sundown, with access to some nice, wide, groomed blue intermediate runs that are accessed by the Sunshine lift. There are plenty of trails to choose from up there, and it provides ample learning space for skiers who are improving their skills. For some variety, take Tomahawk down and try out several of the small chutes that connect it with the Quickdraw run.

Advanced Only!

You've got choices in advanced terrain all through the ski area, but the avid skiers will congregate on Sunshine Peak and the adjacent Storm Peak. Here you'll find some impressive steeps, mogul runs, and plenty of glade skiing as well. Warm up on Storm Peak North or South and then head over to the true expert areas and dodge the trees on Christmas Tree for some thrills.

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