Blanchard, Ohio Fishing

Blanchard, Ohio Fishing
Blanchard, Ohio, fishing opportunities includes a couple of local reservoirs. Blanchard is a small town of less than 500 people, located in the northwest part of Ohio. Sitting in Hancock County, it is close to both Findlay and Lima, which offers numerous fishing experiences. The Blanchard River runs through the area and offers its own type of fishing.

Findlay Reservoirs

The Findlay Reservoirs 1 and 2 are connected to the Blanchard River and sit right outside of Mt. Blanchard. The water reaches depths of 30 feet in Reservoir 1 and is slightly deeper in Reservoir 2. Both reservoirs allow boat fishing and have boat launches, but place restrictions on the engine size, with engines higher than 9.9 hp prohibited; fishing is allowed from the shore. Yellow perch and walleye are stocked by the state, but catfish, bluegill and other species find their way to the reservoir naturally. There is parking available at both reservoirs.

Fishing License

The state of Ohio requires visitors and locals to have a fishing license to fish.The state offers seven different locations that sell fishing licenses in Hancock County, surrounding Blanchard. There are a couple of retail locations where they can be bought and fishing licenses are also sold online at the Department of Natural Resources.

Rowdy Too Charters

Rowdy Too Charters is the only fish charter operating out of the area. The company doesn't have a website, but it does take reservations and will answer questions by telephone. Daily charters are popular, but half-day charters are available for fishermen who want a quick refresher course or if you just want to take children for a ride on the water. Trips take place in the area around Mt. Blanchard and in areas further north, near Lake Eerie.

Rowdy Too Charters
18568 County Rd. 162
Mt. Blanchard, OH 45867
(419) 694-0026

Time of Year

Summer is the best time of year for fishing and some of the popular types of fish found in the warmer months include yellow perch, bluegill and channel catfish. The spring is also popular for fishing, as the odds of catching bow fish and walleye increases. The spring is when most species of fish begin spawning. The area does allow ice fishing during the winter, but it's at your own risk and most areas don't freeze enough for this type of fishing.

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