Coleman Camp Stove Parts

Coleman Camp Stove PartsColeman is one of the top manufacturers of camping equipment, including camping stoves. Propane stoves, smaller and more lightweight backpacking stoves and liquid fuel stoves are only a few of the options available. In addition to camping stoves, the company also makes accessories for use with its stoves, such as coffee pots. If your stove isn't working right, you might need Coleman camp stove parts.

Stove Parts

Stove parts refer to any type of part used in the actual stove itself. Coleman stoves consist of different parts, including the burner and tank. A main part of Coleman's larger stoves is the manifold. This manifold covers three sides of the stove, leaving only the front side exposed, which protects the stove from wind and prevents the light from blowing out. The metal grate that sits on top of the stove is another part and gives you an even surface for cooking.

Burner Parts

Coleman camp stove parts also include the burner and the parts of the burner. The master burner assembly consists of everything needed for the burner, including the burner, the outside cover and the valve stem parts. The burner attaches to the inside of the stove, with the valve connecting to the propane tank in back. When the propane flows from the tank to the burner, it creates a gas that lights with a small flame. The burner also consists of a small knob on the front, which controls the size of the flame and turns it on or off. The number of burners and knobs depends on the size of the stove, with Coleman stoves having one, two or three burners. Some stoves also have a burner bowl, which attaches to the top of the burner. Burner caps and rings are other optional parts and are mainly used when the exterior of the burner becomes broken or damaged.

Tank Parts

Coleman stoves rely on propane or liquid gas to run and both types need a tank and other parts to function properly. The tank itself is one part, as is the pump clip. You also have a valve wheel, which sits on top of the tank and, when turned, controls the amount of fuel sent to the stove. The tank also consists of a pump plunger and filler cap. Coleman camp stove parts also include some accessories that you might not have on your stove. A generator is one example and lets you use the stove when you don't have a fuel source.

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