Components of Fishing Poles

Components of Fishing Poles
Fishing poles are not complicated devices, but there are a few different parts that are handy to know. Knowing how your pole is put together and how it works can help you keep the pole clean and working properly. Rods and reels are the main components of the fishing pole. You can buy them separately to get the most customized design or buy them as a combination set.


The fishing pole's rod is the main shaft, which is made up of blanks. Two or three blanks fit together to form the full rod. The attachments that hold the blanks together are called ferrules, which are made of fiberglass or metal and cemented into place. The blanks can be taken apart for easy storage. Most modern rods, and their blanks, are made of fiberglass, graphite or carbon fiber. The upper portion of the rod is called the tip.


Guides, also known as eyes, are small rings that hold the line along the length of the rod. They serve to alert the angler of fish activity by transmitting line signals from the line to the rod. The number of guides and materials used varies. Some feature metal frames with inner ceramic rings while others have inner rings made of aluminum oxide or gold aluminum oxide, silicone carbide or chrome plating. The guide at the tip of the pole is the end ring.


The handle, also known as the grip or foregrip, is the part of the rod the angler holds onto and handles. Handles are attached to the lower portion of the rod and are made of cork, foam, plastic or other lightweight materials.

Reel Seat and Reel

The reel seat is the attachment on the rod that fits the fishing reel. Reel seats can be plastic, aluminum or brass. The reel, usually steel, is the component that holds the fishing line on a spool. The reel's components include its handle, spool, axles that turn the spool and the base where it's attached to the reel seat.


The fishing line puts the finishing touch on the fishing pole. One end is attached and spooled through the reel while the other end is threaded through the guides and out the end ring.

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