Fishing in Lake Meade, Pennsylvania

Fishing in Lake Meade, Pennsylvania
Lake Meade sits in Adams County, Pennsylvania, near the town of East Berlin and offers fishing to locals and tourists. The lake shares its name with a larger and more popular lake in Nevada, but locals know that this Pennsylvania site is ripe with fish including trout and steelhead. While visitors won't find many charters working in this area, they will find local guides available to help with fishing in Lake Meade.

Fishing License

Before attempting to fish in Lake Meade or anywhere else in the state, travelers should keep in mind that they need a Pennsylvania fishing license. This license entitles them to fish in different areas of the state, even if they reside in a different state, as the licenses are available in non-resident and resident forms. Adams County has six locations that sell licenses for fishermen. Nace Sports, Metzs Hardware, Redding Hardware, Wal-Mart, the Powder Horn Sport Shop and the Adams County Treasurer's Office are all authorized to sell fishing licenses.


While Lake Meade doesn't have many fishing charters, a few of these charters and guides are found in Adams County. Brian R. Kessel operates a fishing charter in East Berlin and specializes in fishing on Lake Meade. Hill Country Emt Inc. is another fishing charter operating in Adams County. These charters are best for those who haven't fished in Lake Meade before and those who need help. The charter captain provides not only the boat, but also fishing tips and serves as a guide for Lake Meade.

Brian R. Kessel
65 Schofield Drive
East Berlin, PA 17316
(717) 259-1093

Hill Country Emt
519 Gladhill Road
Fairfield, PA 17320
(717) 794-5130

Fishing Clubs

The Lake Meade area is home to a few fishing clubs that you might find helpful. The East Berlin Fish & Game Club is located in East Berlin, while the Dillsburg Fish & Game is located in nearby Dillsburg. Contacting one of the clubs before you visit is helpful because you'll learn tips and tricks for fishing in Lake Meade. Some clubs also offer visitors the option of joining a scheduled fishing trip as well.

East Berlin Fish & Game Club
Rd 1
East Berlin, PA 17316
(717) 259-9474

Dillsburg Fish & Game
224 Coffeetown Road
Dillsburg, PA‎17019
(717) 432-3648‎


Trout are the most common type of fish found in Pennsylvania because the state stocks the fish in different areas. Lake Meade has a large abundance of trout because the fish migrate there from other bodies of water, though all originate from the Huntsdale Hatchery. Lake Meade is considered approved trout waters, which means the state allows fishing and transportation of the fish you catch. In other parts of the state and in Adams County, trout fishing is only available through fly fishing and you must release the fish you catch.

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