Big Fish Tools

Big Fish Tools
Landing and handling big fish in saltwater and freshwater can require special tools. Several species of game fish have sharp teeth and you should never handle them without tools. Other species are delicate and require tools for safe release. Most tools used for big fish are simple but should be corrosion resistant for saltwater and durable for all anglers.

Landing Net

Anglers should carry landing nets. Use nets with long handles while fishing from boats or on foot. The net allows you to secure and handle the fish, and restricts it from flopping and slapping the water. It also prevents the fish from escaping. Landing nets with mesh or rubber bags are popular with catch and release anglers because the material is not abrasive on the slime coat of the fish.



The gaff is a long pole with a hook on the end. Gaffs help to handle large fish and are especially useful on fish with sharp teeth. Saltwater fishing boats use gaffs when fishermen catch sailfish, marlin and sharks. Gaffs also increase your reach when fishing from a tall boat and reduce handling when you are keeping fish.

Boga Grip

The boga grip has a handle attached to jaws that handles and weighs large fish. The tool is ideal for handling fish with sharp teeth and the jaws can grip the fish or grip a net while it holds the fish. Boga come in different sizes for weighing fish up to 60 pounds.

Hook Removers

Anglers use several different tools for hook removal on big fish. Pliers and forceps are the most common and are ideal for removing barbed hooks. Fish with teeth require needle noise pliers while a small pair of forceps will handle a majority of fish. Pliers and forceps can also pinch barbs and adjust the bend of a hook. Several other tools exist for hook removal, with some having long handles for boat use.

Fish Handling Gloves

Fish handling gloves are ideal for saltwater use and handling fish with sharp fins. Fish handling gloves are puncture resistant and allow the angler to have a secure grip on slippery fish. Gloves can also provide warmth in cold water environments.


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