What Activities Are There in Pensacola, Florida?

What Activities Are There in Pensacola, Florida?
The area around Pensacola, Florida offers 52 miles of sandy beaches to explore. Off shore is the world's largest artificial reef that beacons scuba divers from around the world. Visitors will enjoy water sports, sailing, fishing, canoeing and wildlife watching. Local Blackwater State Park offers the chance to kayak, paddle-boat, picnic and camp. There are 600 acres of trails for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Big Lagoon State Park is home to many bird species. Visitors can enjoy exploring salt marshes and various woodlands, and there are many other activities available in Pensacola.

Perdido Key State Park

The Perdido Key State Park is located 17 miles from downtown Pensacola. The park is a barrier island that spans 247 acres. The location is ideal for sunbathers, nature lovers and beach-combers. The beach sand is white, with tall sea oats waving in the breeze. The park features boardwalks for the visitors to use to preserve the natural fauna of the area and the vast sand dunes. There are showers available for swimmers. Several picnic tables and picnic sites are located throughout the park. The location is also a popular area for shoreline fishing.

Perdido Key State Park
15301 Perdido Key Drive
Pensacola, Florida 32507
(850) 492-1595

National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola offers visitors the chance to visit one of the largest aviation museums in the United States. There are 150 restored aircraft and 4,000 artifacts. March to April visitors have the chance to view the world famous Blue Angel jet fighters while they practice daily. Contact the museum for a schedule of their training exercises. The museum offers free admission. It is open daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Naval Aviation Museum Foundation
1750 Radford Blvd.
Suite B, NAS
Pensacola, FL 32508
(850) 452-3604

Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum

The Pensacola Lighthouse Museum offers guests the chance to tour a historic lighthouse built in 1859. The lighthouse is located across from the National Naval Museum. Special nighttime tours are available for ghost hunting and viewing the lighthouse by moonlight. There are 177 stairs to be climbed to reach the top of the lighthouse. There is an on-site gift store. The Richard C. Callaway Museum is in the restored 1869 keeper's quarters, and offers local history exhibits and lectures.

Pensacola Lighthouse And Museum
2081 Radford Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32508
(850) 637-4050

Veterans Memorial Park

The Veterans Memorial Park is home to the World War I Monument, World War II Monument and the Wall South, which is a 256-foot piece of granite that bears the names of 58,219 men and women who have been listed as missing in action or killed in action during the Vietnam War. There is also a wall that commemorates the Submarine Lifeguard League. Guests can stroll past the historic monuments in a grassy and serene setting.

Veterans Memorial Park
562 Bayfront Parkway
Pensacola, FL 32502
(850) 455-0906

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