Bluegill Fishing in Nebraska

Bluegill Fishing in Nebraska
Nebraska offers numerous bluegill fishing opportunities. The fish strike aggressively even on less than perfect presentations, and are fun sport for beginning and advanced anglers. Bluegill are also one of the best fish for introducing new anglers to the sport. Bluegill found in small ponds and large lakes throughout the state. Many of the fisheries are also popular for targeting bass.

I-80 Lakes

Interstate 80 offers numerous lakes as a result of highway construction. Pits were formed as material was used to construct the road and the result turned in to some outstanding fishing for bass and bluegill. The lakes are easy to access and the large numbers of lakes limits the fishing pressure. The bluegill in the lakes will strike at spinners, spoons, poppers, jigs and bait. Light tackle is preferred but offers a challenge if you hook a bass while targeting the bluegill.

Ice Fishing

Bluegill provide consistent action in Nebraska throughout the year. Fishing is best during the warmer months but ice fishing can produce bluegill throughout the winter. Fishing with jigs and bait is productive and bluegill are often caught while targeting northern pike and bass. Ice fisherman can keep many of the bluegill caught to prevent overpopulation which allows the bluegill to grow into large fish. Overpopulation creates stunted bluegill in Nebraska waters and year-round fishing is a great way to put food on the table and control populations. The standard bag limit allows anglers to keep 30 bluegill and the possession limit is 60 bluegill.


Bluegill in Nebraska can be caught using fly or conventional tackle. Ultralight rods, reels and lines allow the angler to feel the feisty fish while it fights. Bluegill can be caught on bait, lures or flies and many anglers enjoy the excitement of top water plugs and poppers. Bluegill are often encountered while anglers are fishing for bass and carrying an extra lightweight rod is a good idea in case the bluegill fishing is better than the bass fishing. Bluegill can be found in the majority of Nebraska lakes and can be caught in large number throughout the year. Nebraska anglers will also fish for bluegill using archery and spearfishing techniques. The Nebraska Game and Parks commission allows record entries for both archery and spearfishing for bluegill.


Bluegill can reach large sizes in Nebraska with the state record being a 2 lb, 13 oz fish caught out of Grove Lake in 1977. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission forecasts the 2010 season to be excellent for bluegill in Summit Reservoir, Wehrspann, Czechland and Olive Creek Reservoirs. The organization also predicts the bluegill fishing will be productive in Vernon Pit, Arnold Pit, Sandhills lakes and the Crescent Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Although bluegill can be found in most of the state waters, the Crescent Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is ideal for scenery, bird watching and the enjoyment of a pristine outdoor setting.

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