Pros of Cruises

Pros of Cruises
A cruise vacation offers just about anything that travelers would ever want in a vacation in a nice, tidy package. It's a great way to maximize vacation dollars because cruise lines include so much in the price of the ticket including food, entertainment and lodging. Older folks can relax by the pool while the younger set dances the night away. Parents can take some time for themselves by sending their kids to the on board kids's clubs where the activities never stop. Everyone can participate in the multitude of activities.


Spending time aboard a cruise liner is a solid value because food and entertainment are built into the ticket price. With at least three buffet meals per day, and most of the on board activities without fee, guests can enjoy themselves without feeling like they are always shelling out more money. Cruises charge an extra fee for some services, such as the spa, off shore trips, alcohol and soda. Travel expert, Howard Hillman, notes that a cruise offers better value than a comparable trip with separately priced amenities.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines bill its ships as having something for everyone, on board or off. Outdoor sports enthusiasts enjoy no charge for such activities as rollerblading, rock climbing, swimming and ice skating. After nightfall, guests can choose from several choices of comedy shows, cabaret shows, casinos, and audience participation shows like karaoke. In between ports, ships offer special events, such as bingo, auctions and creative towel folding classes. Spas and beauty treatments are available by appointment.


Cruise travelers can satisfy their appetite any time of day or night. Cruise liners offer buffets three times a day. Guests may choose the formal dining room over the buffet for an elegant dining experience by attentive waiters. While the quality of food is not necessarily gourmet, it is often better than what you can get off shore.

Transportation Ease

Cruises make transportation hassle-free. Travelers enjoy their trip more without having to worry about renting a car, or taking buses or trains. Businesses at ports are hungry for tourists and eager to help them navigate their way around, while purveying their wares.


For just the right combination of fun and relaxation, cruisers enjoy mixing and mingling with people all over the world. While at sea, travelers can choose from many leisure options. They can select from spa treatments, relaxing by the pool, beauty services, relaxing at the pub, or strolling the promenade. Cruise passengers will enjoy the experience of many new sights, while alleviating stress by needing to unpack only once.

Panoramic Vistas

Cruise goers can take in panoramic sights of rugged terrain, exotic tropical islands, Mexican ruins or European charm depending on their trip. They can soak up the sights of ocean and sky; or keep watch for surfacing whales or dolphins. Cruising affords the opportunity to see sights that people have never seen before from a distance and up close.

Article Written By Toni Hoy

Toni Hoy has written articles on child welfare for “Rise Magazine.” She has made presentations to state departments, legislators, and advocacy groups on mental health care. Her video, "He's My Son" is gaining national attention. She holds a B.A. degree in communications from Thomas Edison State College.

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