Hammocks for Camping

Hammocks for CampingHammocks make an ideal option for lounging and sleeping around a campsite. Most hammocks have an open face for casual use, while you can completely close others for sleeping off the ground. Camping hammocks should be lightweight, portable and easy to set up once you arrive at your destination. Hammocks should also incorporate durable material with a weight capacity higher than the user's weight.

Hennessy Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock makes a lightweight alternative to a tent. You can hang the hammock from trees or dangle it from hiking poles; it acts as a lounging chair and full tent with the rain fly attached. The multipurpose hammock makes an ideal option for using around camp and on extended backpacking trips. Located in British Columbia, Canada, Hennessy Hammock company has several models available for different heights, weights and functions. including ultralight backpacking, survival and youth models. The hammock's multiple functions make it ideal for a variety of camping situations---especially when the ground is wet.

637 Southwind Road
Galiano Island BC V0N 1P0

Clark Jungle Hammock

The Clark Jungle Hammock is another multiple function hammock designed for camping and backpacking. The company has several hammock models, including ultralight, two-person, winter and tropical. Use the hammocks as a lounging chair or sleeping quarters; they have a rain fly and screen to keep moisture and insects on the outside. The company bills the hammocks as 100 percent mosquito-proof. Hang these hammocks from trees or use them on the ground like a bivvy sack.

Clark Outdoor Products
4637 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Trek Light Hammocks

Trek Light Gear offers an easy setup as a simple camping hammock. This lightweight hammock packs down small for backpacking use. The company makes single and double hammocks that are 10 feet long and have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. You can use the durable 1-lb. hammock for lounging and sleeping at home, or while camping. Combine Trek Light hammocks with a separate bug shelter and rain tarp. The fact that the bug shelter does not integrate into the hammock makes it great for camp simplicity and social settings.

Trek Light Gear
3490 Hayden Place #3
Boulder, CO 80301

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