The Best Stream Bass Lures

The Best Stream Bass LuresStream fishing for bass requires a similar approach to lake fishing for bass. The angler will find bass in areas with cover and undercut banks and bass will strike aggressively at lures. The best lures can be used to imitate the natural prey of the bass. Lures will also match the size of the prey. Bass in streams and rivers will feed on baitfish, mice, birds, frogs, grasshoppers, crayfish and any high calorie food source available.


Spoons are effective for catching bass in a stream. Different size spoons allow the angler to control the depth during the retrieve. The wobbling action and flash of a spoon imitates a bait fish that swimming in an erratic pattern. The depth can also be controlled by the rate of the retrieve. Use a fast retrieve in shallow water and use a slow retrieve in the deep pools. Spoons consistently produce largemouth and smallmouth bass.



Spinners use a straight wire body with an oval-shaped metal blade attached to a clevis pin. When retrieved, the blade spins around the body and attracts reactions strikes from bass. Spinners work well when fishing shallow to moderately deep streams, and the spinners with marabou tails create extra motion when presented in a moving current.


Jigs are a deadly weapon for catching bass in streams. The upward and downward motion of a jig looks like a wounded bait fish and can draw bass out of deep cover. Jigs are also effective for fishing in tight pocket water and through snags when a heavy head is used to keep the hook point at a high angle. Jigs can be used with soft plastic bodies, marabou bodies or with a combination of materials. Use jigs in white, black, olive, pink and bright green.

Topwater Lures

Topwater plugs, like poppers, are effective for drawing vicious, exciting strikes from bass in streams. Topwater lures are best fished in slow water and against undercut banks or over submerged logs. These lures work best during the summer months when bass are active and willing to expend energy. Plugs and poppers in green, yellow, black, black, gray and a patterned combination of the colors are all effective.

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