Bicycle Helmets for Children

Bicycle Helmets for Children
Numerous bicycle helmets are available for children. Children should not wear adult helmets that are too large as it can be dangerous. Helmets should have a snug fit and a lightweight design. Adjustable helmets are ideal for kids with growing heads. Many of the youth helmets also have stylish designs that encourage children to wear the helmets.

Bell Fraction

The Bell Fraction kid's bike helmet is an excellent choice for children. The helmet has great reviews from customers and has a multiple sport design for active children. It is constructed of an ABS plastic shell with a foam liner for comfort and safety. The helmet is also ventilated and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The rounded shape is ideal for bicycling and skate boarding, and it comes in a variety of colors with patterns to meet the style demands of children.

Giro Flume

The Giro Flume model youth bicycle helmet is a great choice for kids. The helmet has an aerodynamic design and a look that is similar to adult bicycle helmets. The helmet is durable and has a layer of foam attached to the shell for protection. It also has a visor, adjustable fit for growing children and 20 air vents for comfort. The helmet can be purchased in several different colors with a solid color design or graphics that will satisfy boys and girls. The adjustable fit means the helmet can be used for multiple years without sacrificing safety and comfort. It also has great reviews from buyers.

Giro Rodeo and Me2

The Giro Rodeo and Me2 model helmets are ideal for small children and infants. The Rodeo has a well-ventilated design with a built-in bug net to keep the insects on the outside. The helmet is adjustable and uses a buckle that will not pinch the skin of the user. It also has a built-in visor and colorful designs that is ideal for boys and girls.

The Me2 is similar in design, but it can fit the extremely small heads of infants. The helmet is adjustable, has a built-in bug net and visor, and has a buckle that will not pinch the skin of infants. The helmet comes in several different stylish designs and has extra padding for comfort and protection.

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