The Best Caribbean Cruise Excursions

The Best Caribbean Cruise Excursions
The Caribbean offers several excursion options, no matter what cruise line you're on, or where you visit. The best excursions can be enjoyed from land or sea, or for those with a little more courage, from the back of a horse or from a zip line through the rain forest. Excursions can be booked directly through cruise lines, usually after a deposit is made, or arranged when the boat stops at different ports. Local options can be cheaper, but visitors should also use caution when visiting an unknown island. Excursions booked through cruise lines are done through reputable vendors. Whatever your budget or preference, there are many options to get full enjoyment from all the Caribbean islands have to offer.

Water Excursions

The Caribbean waters are known for their beautiful shades of blue, warm temperatures, coral reefs and sea life. Snorkeling is one of the easiest ways to experience the beauty of the underwater Caribbean. This is a good option for younger travelers or those with limited swimming skills since it isn't always necessary to go into deep waters to see sea life. Some beach locations in the Caribbean offer snorkel rentals for a reasonable $10 to $20 for a whole day. Some islands such as Barbados and Antigua offer snorkeling with sea turtles or sting rays for $80 in 2010, which also includes a boat ride and visit to a nearby beach. For moderate to experienced swimmers, Snuba is an exciting way to see the sea floor. Snuba is a 20-foot hose connected to an air tank on the surface, but is slightly more expensive and can cost approximately $100. Bring an underwater camera during these excursions to capture the memories. Clear-bottom kayaks are available for rental, which is another way to experience the ocean without having to swim. Several islands such as Grand Turk and Belize offer kayaking options for varying rates depending upon the length of the trip.

Land Excursions

There are several ways to experience the Caribbean without getting into the water. Beach trips are available at several island ports for nominal fees and give travelers a chance to relax and get some sun. Island residents usually know the best places to go. All-terrain vehicle or Jeep rides are a chance to see island scenery along back roads. Priced at about $100 depending on location, these trips usually last for a few hours and give the opportunity for some great photographs. Biking is available at ports such as Freeport in the Bahamas and includes sightseeing and a visit to a nearby beach. The price tag is $100 in 2010 but includes over five hours. Other city tours are offered at several ports as a relaxing way to see nearby historic landmarks and downtown areas and some tours offer stops with shopping along the way.

Extreme Excursions

Feeling a little more adventurous? There are several options for the more daring traveler. Canopy challenge tours are offered on islands such as Antigua, Dominica and Barbados. These activities are recommended for travelers in good health and in moderate to excellent physical condition, as they require a decent amount of exertion. While they are some of the pricier options at about $100, they are well worth the money and usually last three hours. These tours include zip lines and rope courses through the rain forest and an unforgettable experience. Horseback riding is offered along the beach and through the rain forest at ports such as St. Lucia and St. Maarten. While these are guided tours, some have physical and weight limits, but are usually family friendly. A third option is parasailing, which offers views of the Caribbean from more than 400 feet in the air behind a powerboat. These excursions also have age and weight limits, so it's best to check the details before booking.


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