Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Sport Fishing in Costa Rica
Sport fishing is very popular in the Central American country of Costa Rica. Costa Rican charter fishing boats and guides help anglers catch a variety of saltwater species on conventional or fly fishing tackle. Anglers can rent a boat on their own or hire an expert guide who is familiar with the area. Costa Rica also has numerous fishing lodges.


Costa Rica is known for warm weather, low winds and excellent marlin fishing. Other varieties of fish that are caught off shore include tarpon, rooster fish, jack crevalle, permit, sailfish, yellow fin tuna, swordfish and dolphin. Marlin and sailfish alone attract avid deep sea anglers from all over the world. Hiring a guide, however, is recommended if you want to catch one of these elusive fish.



Sport fishing is a year-round endeavor in Costa Rica. Marlin can be caught every month of the year, but the peak season is November through April. Sailfish are also caught year-round, but are more abundant from May until August. Dolphin are usually found in high numbers during the rainy season. Tuna provide steady action throughout the year, with 200-pounders generally hooked between August and October. Roosterfish are also found year-round, but are the primary focus of many anglers between November and March.

Guides and Lodges

Costa Rica fishing guides can be hired by the day. Fishing lodge guides are a more expensive way to go, but lodges also provide rooms and meals. Fishing guides and lodges are scattered along the coast; many can be found in small ocean-side towns. Research any guide or lodge thoroughly, however, before making reservations. Be wary of scams. Be sure the guide or lodge you choose is a legitimate business that has been reviewed by previous guests.


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