Mountain Bikes for Kids

Mountain Bikes for Kids
To share the fun of off-road biking with your child, choose the right kid's mountain bike. Mountain bikes feature full-suspension (with shock absorbers in the front and rear) or front suspension only, known as "hardtail." Hardtail bikes are often less expensive, lighter weight and easier to maintain, making them a fine option for kids. Start with a trip to a good bike shop. There you'll find expert advice and bikes with quality components and professional assembly. All of these enhance the biking experience and leave kids wanting more--which translates to more mountain biking time for you.

Trek MT 220

This front suspension mountain bike with an aluminum frame offers high performance and comfort on and off the road. It features quality components like SRAM 21-speed shifters, 24-inch Bontrager tires and SRAM and Suntour derailers. Trek is known for its "dialed" bikes, which offer adjustable components that allow the bike to grow with your child--a plus for budget-minded parents.

Specialized Hotrock 24-Inch A1-FS

Don't let the kid-friendly name and hot looks fool you. This mountain bike has the quality components and lightweight frame that Specialized adult mountain bikes are known for. For a precise fit, this 24-inch bike comes in two frame sizes: 11-inch and 13-inch. The front suspension also has a mechanical lock-out feature to minimize bounce when riding on smoother surfaces.

Gary Fisher PreCaliber 24

Gary Fisher has been offering great kids' mountain bikes for years, and this 24-inch offering is no exception. It emphasizes light weight, durability and quality components sized to the needs of smaller bodies. The front suspension fork is tuned to provide the correct compression for young riders. These details can give kids easier, more confident handling.

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