Top 10 Winter Activities Around the World

Top 10 Winter Activities Around the World
When snow's on the ground and temperatures fall below freezing, it's easy to get cabin fever and the winter blues. Many of us avoid the cold by staying indoors, but there are good reasons to stay active this time of year. Anglers can take up ice fishing, rollerbladers can go ice skating and hikers can experience nature from a pair of snowshoes.

Dog Sledding

You don't have to live in Alaska or Scandinavia to learn how to "mush" a team of huskies. This activity is available in places like Vermont and it's a unique way to experience the great outdoors. Cross country skiers can even try their hand at Skijoring, by harnessing themselves to a few dogs and bypassing the sled altogether.


If you like dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles, you'll love snowmobiles. Groomed trails are everywhere and snowmobile rentals are readily available. Anyone who has the need for speed will agree that it's a great way to enjoy the season.

Ice Fishing

That village of wooden shacks on your local lake is there for a reason. Ice fishing is great fun! You can rent a shelter or build your own, drill a hole in the ice with an auger and drop some lines. When you land your first trout or northern pike, you'll know what the excitement is about.


This sport has probably been around as long as snow itself. All it takes is a hill, something slippery and the desire to go fast. The more sophisticated wood and plastic sleds let you chart your own course, but half the excitement is not knowing where you'll end up.

Snow Shoeing

Snowshoes have made it possible to experience places that were once inaccessible on foot. You can hike through deep powder and take in scenic vistas while getting a great workout. Don't wait for spring to enjoy a walk in the woods. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and see what winter has to offer.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing could be the most popular winter activity and snowboarding isn't far behind. It's hard to beat the rush of a high speed run down the mountain. The natural beauty of the slopes and the adrenaline kick of leaning into turns and jumping off moguls can be addictive. If you're a surfer, you'll pick up snowboarding in no time; it's like riding a wave that keeps building.

Ice Skating

If you've watched the Winter Olympics you know that skating is a great couples activity. Rollerbladers have a distinct advantage here as they already have the balance and coordination this sport requires. If that's not you, a few lessons at a local rink will have you gliding across the ice and enjoying the beauty and grace of this popular pastime.

Snowball Throwing

People have thrown snow at each other as long as it has been around and it's easy to see why. Throwing snow is a harmless way to amuse yourself at the expense of others. Shaping a perfect snowball is an art but hitting your target is worth the effort. Just be prepared for a response!

Cross Country Skiing

Unlike downhill skiing, cross country or Nordic skiing can be done anywhere. It delivers a great upper and lower body workout while taking you away from it all so you can reconnect with nature. There's something soothing about the repetitive skating or "kick and glide" motion of cross country skiing. Bring a camera to capture the sights and the memories.

Igloo Building

Building Igloos is a satisfying accomplishment and it can save your life. Many Eskimos rely on them for protection from the bitter cold and arctic winds of Alaska. It takes a few hours to cut blocks from hard packed snow and arrange them in a dome, but it's a skill worth having.

Article Written By Dan Eash

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