Tips for Tackle Storage on a Small Boat

Tips for Tackle Storage on a Small Boat
Small boats are ideal for saving fuel and navigating narrow water but the small boat also limits storage space. You can carry ample gear in a small boat if you're organized and the storage system you use maximizes the space available.


Rod storage presents a problem when using a small boat. Rods are long and can get in the way while maneuvering in the boat. Attach multiple rod holders to the boat to use while fishing and storing rods. Rod holders should have the ability to lock rods in place while you drive the boat. Spare rods can also be broken down if they are not likely to be used. Use two-piece rods and store them in a tube for safety. The tubes can be stored under a seat or secured to the inside wall of the boat.


Fishing tackle includes tools, lures, spare reels, baits and all the accessories you carry while fishing. An organized tackle box can be placed on the floor of a small boat without taking too much space. The floor placement is also handy when you need to access tackle and tools. Multiple compartment tackle boxes with lure dividers are ideal for keeping gear organized. Lures should be stored in divided compartments to prevent tangling and tools and reels can be stored in the main compartment of a tackle box.

Bulk Storage

Bulk items can be stored in under-seat compartments on small boats. Rain gear, extra clothing, food, drinks and boat parts are all bulk items that can be easily stashed beneath the seats. You can also carry dry foods and avoid ice chests to save space. Small boats without storage space present a dilemma for bulk storage; however, most small boats have a motor area large enough for a rubber container with a locking top. The container can be used to store bulk items with the exception of gasoline. Use a container that does not occupy the entire space and place the gas can next to the container. If the area is not large enough for a rubber container, use a waterproof bag.

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