Fishing at Ramona Lake, Ohio

Fishing at Ramona Lake, Ohio
Ohio has a number of places that allow fishing, including Ramona Lake. This mid-sized lake is located in Hocking County, an area also known as Hocking Hills. The lake sits close to Clear Creek and both offer different types of fishing, including fishing by boat or from the shore. While it's free to fish in the area and enter the Clear Creek Metro Park, visitors do need to first obtain a fishing license.

Fishing License

The state of Ohio requires a fishing license for anyone fishing in the state's waters. Those wishing to fish Ramona Lake have the option of purchasing a fishing license in Clear Creek. Grandma Faye's Grocery, Down's Bait and Tackle and Wal-Mart all sell fishing licenses in Hocking County and all are located in the nearby town of Logan. Rockbridge Outfitters in Rockbridge also offers fishing licenses for those fishing in Ramona Lake.


Ramona Lake is known for the two docks found beside the lake. Fishermen have easy access to the docks, but it's also possible to fish by kayak or small boat. Brown trout and bass are the most popular types of fish found in the area, and the best time of day for fishing is early morning, near sunrise or late in the day, toward sunset. If you want to secure a spot on the dock, it's best to arrive as early as possible, especially during the spring when the area gets crowded.

Clear Creek Fishing

Clear Creek runs directly beside Ramona Lake and empties into the lake, which makes it popular with fishermen. It's easy to alternate between the two fishing spots during the day and try your hand at different sites when your luck takes a downturn. Clear Creek allows both fly-fishing and fishing from the shore, though fly-fishing is more popular. Boat fishing isn't allowed because the water is too shallow.


The Clear Creek Metro Park, which holds both Clear Creek and Ramona Lake, is located in Rockbridge, Ohio, and opens every day at 6:30 a.m., closing at dark. It's possible to access the fishing sites from inside the park, but local fishermen prefer following Clear Creek Road. Along this road you'll find different signs that mark fishing locations. The sites allow fishermen to park and hike down to the fishing sites. This is best for those visiting during the popular spring and summer seasons when the park might be crowded and parking is hard to find.

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