Cruise Packing List for Women

Cruise Packing List for Women
Whether you are a novice or expert cruise traveler, make a list of what to take. Cruise Incorporated recommends that you consider your destination, climate, trip length and cruise formality when packing. Take all necessary documents and be financially prepared. Research ahead of time the places you are going so you can do the activities you will most enjoy. Take a variety of clothing to mix and match, and keep pharmacy items and toiletries handy. The best cruisers pack comprehensively while traveling light.


Make three copies of your airline tickets, cruise tickets, hotel reservations and confirmations. Place one set in your luggage, leave one with someone at home and keep the originals with you. If needed, bring your visa or passport and carry it in a pouch around your neck. If you plan to rent a car, take your driver's license and automobile insurance card. Medical insurance cards are important in case of emergency.


Take some traveler's checks in case you can't access cash, along with ATM or credit cards. Phone the credit card company and let them know that you will be using the card out of your area so they don't suspect fraud. Purchase a prepaid phone card because cell phones don't always work at sea. A currency conversion chart is handy if you are traveling to other countries. Grab a fanny pack or handy wallet to carry your money and credit cards while keeping your hands free.

Sightseeing Aids

Take binoculars for sightseeing at sea and on land. Whale and dolphin sightings are common. Guidebooks of the area are helpful for maximizing your tourist time. Don't forget to take a camera or video camera to capture memories of your trip. When traveling to a country with a different primary language, keep a language dictionary close by. No sightseeing is complete without a little shopping, so a light cloth tote bag fits the bill to help you carry your treasures back to the ship.


The most important piece of jewelry you can take is your wrist watch. You will want to be on time for ship departures to avoid the expense of getting back on board at another port. Deposit an extra set of eyeglasses and a great pair of sunglasses into your purse. Take a supply of costume jewelry for formal dinners and fun parties, but leave the expensive items at home. If you really want to take an expensive piece, leave it at the purser's station aboard the ship to prevent theft.


The key to packing clothing is to keep it seasonal and light. Mix and match separates that can be used for daytime sightseeing and nighttime glamor. Don't forget a trendy bathing suit and pretty coverup. You'll need a pair of walking shoes for port days, flip flops for the beach and sandals for dancing. Aerobic wear will come in handy for working out after the big buffet, and a jacket will keep you warm on cool nights. Accessorize with a day purse and a glitzy night purse. Take along a nightie and a strapless bra for evening wear.

Toiletries, Electronics and Miscellaneous Items

Try to pack a little of any medicine you might need. This includes motion sickness pills, ibuprofen, antacids and a first aid kit. Purchasing these items on board is expensive. Also take some notions such as safety pins, travel sewing kit, small umbrella and scissors, but pack them in your suitcase. You'll need your makeup, deodorant and sunscreen too. Resealable bags in all sizes are always handy. Toss in a few books or magazines to pass the time while waiting. Don't forget a list of phone numbers and email addresses, as most ships have Internet access. You will want also your cell phone and charger to make onsite travel arrangements such as hiring cabs in ports of call.

Article Written By Toni Hoy

Toni Hoy has written articles on child welfare for “Rise Magazine.” She has made presentations to state departments, legislators, and advocacy groups on mental health care. Her video, "He's My Son" is gaining national attention. She holds a B.A. degree in communications from Thomas Edison State College.

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