The Best Lures for King Salmon

The Best Lures for King SalmonFishing for Alaskan king salmon is both exciting and challenging. These fish are much bigger and have a stronger strike than others. Also, the seas they're found in can at times be more turbulent than other fish that are found in calmer bodies of water. Certain lures are needed to ensure your best success when catching these fish, but with the proper preparation, you'll boost your chances of hooking one.


Have these lures on board, because king salmon are particularly taken with them. Their floppy plastic wings spin easily and attract the fish with their movement. Use these when you backtroll to increase your chances of a king salmon striking your line.


Flashtrap Spinners

Flashtrap spinners are another favorite of king salmon. Use these in conjunction with a trolling weight when you're fishing in greater depths. Because of its erratic motion and its ability to imitate a smaller fish in distress, you're more than likely to get a bite using this lure.

Saltwater Plugs

Plugs are commonly made of cedar, which is especially buoyant. They are especially enticing to king salmon because of their fish-like shape and erratic movements.

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