Bike Safety Activities

Bike Safety Activities
Activities on and off a bike can teach riders about bike safety. These activities can be done with riders of all ages and work especially well for children learning bike safety. There are a variety of activities that can be done while at home with your child or from the safety of your car on the way to school in the morning.

House Intersection

Use the intersections of hallways and furniture in your house as an opportunity to practice bicycle hand signals. Spend some time walking through the house and signaling and changes in direction you will be taking with your arm as you would if you were outside. For younger children, place a sticker on the child's hand to help them determine left and right from each other.


Rules of the Road On the Road

Use the time you drive with your child to school as time to practice and work with your child to practice the rules of the road with your child. Have your child identify signs you pass on the way to work and talk about what the mean. Discuss any consequences or scenarios that might occur if signs are not followed (such as not stopping for a stop sign).

Practice Road

Use tape to drawn an outline of a road on the floor. Then work with the child to make signs that could be found on the road. Have the child volunteer to simulate riding down the "road." As the child "rides" down the "road," hold up different signs to the child. Stop and ask the child what they mean and how they should respond. You can also add turns into the road to practice hand signals as well.

Route Planning

Practice route and safety planning with your child by picking a safe route to a chosen destination. First, have your child pick out a destination near your home. Work through planning a safe route to take to that destination, considering things such as car traffic, bike lanes and safety signs. Plan with the child what they may need to take with them, such as a bike helmet, reflective vest or flashing light. Finally, take the ride with them.


Article Written By Stephanie D

Stephanie D has been writing and exploring the outdoors for as long as she can remember. She has spent time climbing across the United States and backpacking out west. Stephanie D earned her Bachelor of Science in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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