Books for Tying Fly Fishing Knots

Books for Tying Fly Fishing Knots
There are numerous books available for tying basic and advanced fly-fishing knots. Many of the books directed at fishing in general will serve the same purpose as a fly fishing knot book as many of the knots are the same. The book you choose for reference and learning should have detailed descriptions and images for each knot. The book should also demonstrate a variety of knots for freshwater and saltwater fly fishing.

'Guide to Fly Fishing Knots'

"The Guide to Fly Fishing Knots: A Basic Guide for Fly Fishing Knots, Tippets and Leader Formulas" by Larry Notley gets high ratings from readers. The book uses a simple breakdown and describes the knots for connecting backing to the reel, backing to the fly line, fly line to leader, leader to tippet and tippet to fly. The book is intentionally small to be carried on fishing trips for reference.


'The Orvis Pocket Guide'

"The Orvis Vest Pocket Guide to Leaders, Knots, and Tippets: A Detailed Field Guide to Leader Construction, Fly-Fishing Knots, Tippets and More" by Tom Rosenbauer is a handy guide that can be carried in your fishing vest. The guide is for beginners who need a reference point while fishing. The small book is full of information and describes knots for saltwater and freshwater fishing with detailed pictures. The knots are limited to those that are most common and necessary. The chosen knots are appropriate for fly fishing anywhere in the world, and the book has high ratings from readers.

'Fly Fishing Knots and Connections'

'Fly Fishing Knots and Connections' by Left Kreh is a detailed book written by a well-known fly-fishing instructor. The book covers knots for saltwater and freshwater fly fishing, with specialty knots for shooting heads and shock leaders. It also has detailed descriptions of the nine most important knots for every angler and special knot connections for tying droppers. The book is handy as a quick reference and as a learning guide for complex but useful knots.


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