Things to Do on a Grand Cayman Cruise

Things to Do on a Grand Cayman Cruise
The Cayman Islands, just south of Cuba and west of Jamaica, are one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean. Most major America cruise lines offer trips to the islands that combine on-ship activities with outdoor excursions on Grand Cayman Island, such as scuba diving, snorkeling and enjoying the scenic beaches. Visitors of all ages will find plenty to do on a Grand Cayman cruise.

Scuba Diving

For more advanced or adventurous swimmers, most cruises offer scuba diving excursions off the ports art Grand Cayman. This involves a charter boat that takes divers to a good place, sometimes well off shore. Instruction, safety gear and a trained guide are all included in a scuba package. Divers can explore the Caribbean's sea life and aquatic plants in an up-close way and be back to enjoy time on the beach before the end of the day.


Off the ship, Grand Cayman reveals itself as a place with many things to do. Snorkeling is among the most popular shore excursions, as it requires no special knowledge and newcomers can be trained in very little time. Snorkelers sometimes explore schools of colorful, tropical fish or swim with stingrays just off the island's sandy beaches. Snorkeling is also among the most economical Grand Cayman shore excursions.


From the cruise ship port at Grand Cayman there are many fishing charters that will take guests to prime offshore fishing locations to try their hands at catching marlin and other large fish. Many of these boats feature galleys and air conditioning for a comfortable trip and a deep sea fishing experience not available on most other vacations. Fishing charters from Grand Cayman typically last a half day or a full day.


Most larger cruise ships offer a wealth of entertainment options. These range from games and activities geared for children to live theater and music for families and adults. Some ships host gambling tournaments, social mixers or dances with a live band or DJ. Far from being a distraction between ports, the entertainment on a Grand Cayman cruise can be one of the primary reasons to go.


Caribbean cruises are famous for their dining options, and cruises to Grand Cayman are no exception. Depending on the cruise line and the length of the cruise, dining options may include fine dining in a formal setting, buffets throughout the day (including dessert and late night offerings) and themed menus with local seafood and traditional island flavors.


Grand Cayman is also a major Caribbean shopping destination. Cardinal Avenue in Grand Cayman's George Town neighborhood is the center of shopping on the island, offering boutiques and antique shops that sell handcrafted local jewelry and clothes along with treasures like salvaged coins and vintage maps of the area. Shoppers can also visit one of several duty free shops for discounted cosmetics, perfumes and other luxury goods.

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