Tips on Keeping a Saltwater Fishing Journal

Tips on Keeping a Saltwater Fishing Journal
Keeping a saltwater fishing journal is an effective way to track your fishing and improve future trips. The journal allows you to review the best fishing times and conditions, and you can experiment with different techniques and record the results. The fishing journal can be a valuable reference in recalling techniques or specific baits that previously were successful.


A fishing journal should have predetermined details that can be recorded for every trip. Include the date, temperature, barometer, wind, general conditions, time of day, tides, location including GPS waypoints, fishing technique and tackle used, and number and species of fish caught. By including the specific conditions and techniques used, it will allow you to compare with the number of fish caught and determine which days you are likely to have the most success.



Pictures of fish are not likely to increase your success during future trips but the photos help trigger memories about the trip and are valued by friends and family members as well. Pictures can also be taken of fishing locations and geographic features to help guide you back to those spots in the future. It is helpful to use a digital camera and store the pictures in a date-labeled file on a computer. You can use the file as a reference for viewing multiple pictures without the need to print every photo.


Recording stories and details that are not necessary for fishing data can add value to the journal. Record events and scenes that you want to remember in the future. The records might not improve your fishing success but they have the potential to trigger memories of how you found and caught the fish. Stories also provide a medium for remembering trips and planning future outings. The fishing might have been average in one spot, but you could put it on the top of the list if the scenery was special and the location was not crowded.



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