RV Camping Checklist

RV Camping Checklist
Camping out of an RV takes much of the "rough" out of roughing it. One part of that is that a big rig can haul a lot of stuff, but that cargo-carrying capacity has a dark side. If an RV can haul more supplies, it also demands more supplies and more preparation to operate properly. With so many things to bring, many RVers find a checklist useful in helping them prepare for a camping trip.

Fuel and Batteries

Fuel includes more than just gasoline when it comes to RVs. Many RVs have stoves driven by some form of gas (such as propane). RV campers also require fuel for lanterns, extra gasoline for a portable generator and charcoal and lighter fluid for barbecue grills. Also, the RV should be stocked with replacement batteries or the chargers for every single piece of electronics aboard, excepting the RV itself. Examples include flashlights, portable radios and cameras.

Do not include firewood in your checklist for fuel. It is extremely bulky, so it occupies more space and adds more weight than it is worth. Also, many state and national parks ban imported firewoods as a tree-disease control measure.

Packing Supplies

Driving an RV from point to point requires that virtually everything on board be properly secured. This task demands ample supplies of rope, twine, duct tape and bungee cords, as well as packing cushions, like old newspapers, scrap cardboard or bubble wrap.

Safety Equipment

RV campers need the same basic first aid supplies, such as disinfectant, diarrhea treatments and bandages, as tent campers. In addition, every RV needs at least one fire extinguisher.

Automotive Supplies

A wise RV camper keeps some extra automotive supplies, such as engine oil and windshield wiper fluid, stored away. RV camping also requires stopping blocks and planks of lumber to assist in leveling the rig and safely holding it in place.


RV campers need three sets of tools. The first set is the standard, household tool kit, with items like a screwdriver kit, a crescent wrench and a hammer. This is for chores inside the RV. The second set is automotive tools, such as jumper cables and a tire iron. The third set consists of camping tools, such as a hatchet and spade. However, the RV camper is not as restrained by size and weight as a tent camper might be. For example, instead of bringing an Army surplus entrenching tool, the RV camper can bring a regular shovel.

RV Supplies

Finally, the RV camper needs those supplies that are specifically for the operation of the RV. These include sanitizing agent for the black water tank, hoses and cables for the vehicle's hook-up, and sealants, like caulk or Eternabond tape, to deal with leaks.

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