Types of Bass Fishing Lures

Types of Bass Fishing Lures
Bass are aggressive feeders that put up a spirited fight once hooked. The most effective bass lures either imitate common food sources like baitfish, frogs or lizards or produce lots of colorful, flashy movement capable of triggering hard-hitting predatory strikes.


Crankbaits look like baitfish that make up a large part of a bass' diet. Most crankbaits have two or three treble hooks on the underside of the lure. These lures come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that should match the conditions and baitfish found in the waters you are fishing.

Artificial Bait

Plastic baits that imitate common food sources such as lizards, frogs, baitfish and worms are always a good choice for bass fishing. Artificial baits come in many colors, sometimes scented to attract hungry bass.


The spinnerbait's effectiveness lies in its flashy, spinning blades that are sure to grab the attention of bass when quickly retrieved through the water. Spinnerbaits also usually have a colorful, skirted hook that adds to this lure's deadly visual appeal.

Topwater Lures

The most popular types of topwater lures for bass are plugs, poppers and buzzbaits. These lures all create a splashing commotion on the water's surface when retrieved that can prompt aggressive strikes from feeding bass. Fish these lures using a twitch and pause rhythm that mimics the movements of lizards, frogs and mice swimming through the water.


Jigs with hair or marabou skirts tipped with bait are always an option for bass. The bucktail jig with either a straight or curly tail is very popular among bass fishermen. Jigs come in a variety of colors to choose according to the fishing conditions.


The spoon is both simple and effective in its design. Most spoons are slightly concave, oval, and tend to be very shiny. Bass-fishermen fishing in heavy cover should consider using a weedless spoon with a trailer.

Article Written By Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen grew up and currently resides in Minnesota. He graduated from Dartmouth College and has traveled extensively in Africa and South America, including the Amazon jungle. He has worked as a wilderness guide in Yellowstone and northern Minnesota, and written for Fur-Fish-Game, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and RascalHansen.com.

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