Canada Bait Fishing

Canada Bait FishingCanada offers bait fishermen numerous opportunities for catching trophy fish. The country is full of lakes and rivers where you will find trout, lake trout, walleye, northern pike, bass and more. The majority of the fisheries in Canada allow bait fishing while a limited few have special restrictions. Canada is a popular destination for anglers seeking remote waters and trophy fish.

British Columbia

British Columbia is popular with fisherman seeking trophy trout. The region has many productive lakes holding large numbers of rainbow trout. British Columbia has a long coastal region with fishing for sturgeon, halibut, salmon and steelhead. The rivers feeding the coast hold some of the largest steelhead in North America. Bait fishermen can catch fish on worms, salmon eggs, powerbait and live bait-fish. Anglers targeting trout have a major advantage by using a boat and fish-finder on the larger lakes.



The Saskatchewan region of Canada offers trophy walleye, northern pike and lake trout. The area has several massive lakes and some lodges accessed by boat and float plane. Lake Athabasca is a popular fishery accessed by plane. The lake holds trophy fish you can catch using bait or combining bait with jigs and lures. Reindeer Lake is another productive fishery, and at 160 miles long provides solitude and excellent bait fishing.


The Ontario region of Canada has fishing for large walleye, bass, northern pike and lake trout. The region shares Lake Ontario with the United States but also offers places like Eagle Lake and Lake of the Woods, where the scenery is exceptional and solitude is common. Ontario is ideal for the bait fisherman with a boat but you can catch fish from shore with worms, powerbait, salmon eggs and live baitfish. The regulations vary for each fishery and the angler should check before using live bait.


Bait fishermen should use heavy tackle when targeting northern pike and walleye. Anglers catch trout and bass with light tackle, but many of the bass fisheries in Canada have very large fish, so consider heavy tackle. Walleye and Pike fishermen should use heavy-gauge hooks and large baits fished under heavy sinkers. Walleye often require fishing in deep areas while pike will wait in cover and ambush prey.

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