The Best Freshwater Fishing Lures

The Best Freshwater Fishing LuresFreshwater fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities, and its popularity has created a booming market for freshwater lures. With so many companies responding to the demand, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the many choices. You'll make better buying decisions if you sort your lures according to their use. Try grouping them in surface, subsurface and bottom categories so you know what your needs are.

FoodSource Minnow

If you're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest, give this lure a try. It's molded from biodegradable fish food, so it leaves an appealing scent trail in the water. This jerkbait lives up to its name by tricking the fish into thinking it's a minnow. According to "Field & Stream," it could be the future of lure design.


Floating Rapala

Rapala is one of America's premier producers of artificial lures, and calls it the most trusted brand on the planet. Rapala earned a spot at the top by making lures whose swimming action and detailed graphics are second to none. "Field & Stream" says these lures catch fish better than the competition because they accurately simulate the movements of real bait fish. Rapala lures appeal to many different species of fish, and they often work when nothing else will. Try a basic black, F11 size Rapala for bass and trout.

Yamamoto Senko

Soft plastic worms are a hit with most fish, and calls the Yamamoto Senkos a standout favorite of bass enthusiasts and the best soft plastic lures you can buy. Largemouth and smallmouth bass find them hard to resist, and they're particularly appealing when rigged wacky-style with a hook through the center. This makes the loose ends quiver and ignites bass predatory instincts. Natural colors work best, but 5-inch Senkos in a peanut butter and jelly tone are a good choice as well.

Storm WildEye Swimbait

"Field & Stream" calls this swimbait one of the hottest new lures on the market, as it attracts everything from saltwater stripers to stream trout. Beginners get good results with the bluegill-colored 3-inch version. They don't have to be experts, because the Storm WildEye Swimbait doesn't rely on technique for its lethal swimming action. You can locate the fish in your area by letting the swimbait sink to different depths before reeling it in.

Lucky Craft Flashminnow

The Flashminnow is a jerkbait from Japan that might challenge Rapala's dominance of the market. It runs at a depth of 3 feet, and twitching the tip of your rod will cause it to dart in a way that's irresistible to smallmouth bass. In fact, it's so good that it beat similar lures by a margin of at least 3-to-1 during "Field & Stream" field tests.

Curly Tail Grub

"Field & Stream" rates these soft plastic, round-headed grubs as the best freshwater lures of all time. Versatility is the secret to their success. Not only are they dirt cheap, but they're easy to fish and very effective on most freshwater and inland saltwater fish. Mister Twister designed the first Curly Tail Grubs over 30 years ago, and they're still going strong.

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