Fishing Events in Pennsylvania

Fishing Events in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania has many fishing opportunities and events. These range from social gatherings and conservation efforts to competitive tournaments. Most fishing events are opportunities to make friends and share or learn fishing-related information. Fishing events are also a way to involve yourself in the community and volunteer time to teach kids how to fish.

Fish-for-Free Days

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has two fish-for-free days each year. The days allow residents and nonresidents to fish without a license. It introduces new anglers to the sport free of charge. During the free fishing days, all laws and regulations apply except for licensing.

Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sport Show

The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sport Show is an annual event with seminars from big name fishermen and fly fishermen. The outdoor show is also a venue for businesses to advertise new fishing products and services. The show is a place for beginning and advanced anglers to learn and share information.

Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited

Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited is involved in conservation and restoration efforts. The organization does a large portion of its work with volunteers and can always use help. Join Trout Unlimited and become involved with the cause of conserving trout streams. The group hosts regular fund-raisers and the Cumberland Valley has a fly-tying championship.

Fishing Tournaments

Pennsylvania has numerous fishing tournaments for a variety of species. The American Bass Anglers host several tournaments on the Delaware River, and the Pennsylvania Anglers host several tournaments on some of the state's best fishing lakes. Team Bass USA also has a tournament on Lake Wallenpaupack and fly fishermen can attend the Little Juniata Fly Fishing Classic. The Pennsylvania Southwestern Bassmen also host tournaments on Lake Erie and several of the western Pennsylvania bass fisheries.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is home to several tournaments and fishing events. The massive lake crosses several state borders and is a popular destination for anglers. The Southwest Pennsylvania Bassmen host a tournament on the lake and many of the local clubs have fishing events on Lake Erie. The lake area also has many guides who can help beginners learn the methods of fishing large bodies of water.

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