Fishing License Rules in Minnesota

Fishing License Rules in Minnesota
The state of Minnesota placed a number of fishing license rules in effect to help protect natural resources and also manage the many fishing locales that currently draw visitors. As of 2009, the copious fishing locales are situated within the 58 state forests as well as 72 state parks. Of special interest is the Superior National Forest, which contains the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where anglers fish for walleye, bass, trout and whitefish. There are a number of exemptions to fishing license rules in Minnesota, making it possible for large segments of the population to enjoy the rich natural resources and the sport of fishing without having to pay.

Provide Your Social Security Number

Be prepared to provide your social security number when applying for a Minnesota fishing license for the first time. As of 2003, the law calls for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to enforce this provision in an effort to assist with statewide attempts to locate individuals who fall behind on their child support obligations. If you choose not to provide your social security number, you are ineligible to receive a fishing license.

Authorized Agents Selling Minnesota Fishing Licenses

In addition to purchasing you fishing license in person directly from the Department of Natural Resources or via the Internet, you may also buy it from an authorized agent. These agents may be found in the sports departments of Wal-Marts, some hardware stores, various gas stations and also a number of junior marts. The state publishes a list of all fishing license outlets that is provided in the Resources section below.

Types of Licenses

Fishing license rules in Minnesota differentiate between resident and nonresident licenses. Residential licenses may be sold as 1-day permits, year-long individual licenses or married couple permits. You may also opt for special licenses, such as for tournament fishing or sports angling. Prices vary, and the licenses may be coupled with the purchase of dark house rentals as well as trout, walleye and sturgeon tags or stamps.
Non-resident fishing licenses may be available for individuals or families, and licensing requirements also apply to children. You may buy permits for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 2 weeks, and they are available priced for individuals as well as couples. Combine these licenses with shelter rentals and stamps or tags, just like residential permits.

Exemptions from Residential Fishing License Requirements

You do not have to purchase a fishing license if you are a Minnesota resident under the age of 16, suffer from a military service related disability or are developmentally disabled. If you collect welfare of any kind, you may apply to have the cost of the fishing license waived, provided you supply the sales agent with a benefit verification sheet. Other groups of exempt individuals are foreign exchange students, participants at adult daycare programs, residents over the age of 90 and also underage inpatients of drug and alcohol treatment centers.

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