What Kind of Materials Are Water Skis Made Out Of?

What Kind of Materials Are Water Skis Made Out Of?
Water skis have been made out of several materials over the years. Several things need to be taken into account when choosing a material for water skis. It goes with out explanation that materials used for water skis either must be buoyant or made to be buoyant. Weight has a large amount to do with the materials that are used. Even if a material is buoyant, if it is too heavy, the ski will be clumsy and ineffective. The material must also be waterproof to be durable. Flexibility also plays a very large part in the materials used for water skis.


Wood was initially used in the early days of water skiing. Wood was used primarily because it is naturally buoyant and somewhat flexible. However, wood quickly fell out of favor with skiers due to warping. As the wood was used and bleached by the sun, water could easily get into the joints of the wood and warp it. This made it very difficult and ineffective to ski on. Over the years, materials that are more effective made their way into the sport for their desirable qualities.


Fiberglass was one of the first manufactured materials to make its way into the world of water-skiing. Fiberglass was desired over wood for its flexibility and durability. Fiberglass tends to be on the heavier side, so it is less maneuverable than some other models. However, fiberglass can be shaped and formed into many complex designs that wood cannot, making them much faster and maneuverable in their own right.


A fiberglass graphite combination is a very popular choice for material due to its lightweight and flexible nature. Fiberglass graphite skis can be molded and formed to make them very fast and maneuverable. Due to their durability and lightweight nature, many skiers have begun using this type of ski. This material can be used to create high-end speed skis. The material is also used for rigid jump skis. Fiberglass graphite skis have become more affordable in the past few years and are now more common in the sport.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber skis are a newer type of ski that is extremely light and flexible. They can be molded to be very thin and still retain strength. This type of material is very costly and is typically used in professional grade equipment. Carbon fiber is used for speed, agility and jump skiing.

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