The Best Bicycle Head Lights

The Best Bicycle Head Lights
For many cyclists, darkness is no reason to end their ride. With the proper lighting, cyclists can enjoy rides feeling safe, secure and visible to motorists. The best bicycling headlights are bright enough to allow you to ride at top speed, are sturdy enough to put up with the elements, and have long-lasting batteries that won't cut a ride short.

NiteRider Pro LED 1200

Most headlights feature either a flood beam, which illuminates a wider area but is less bright, or a spot beam, which is brighter, but illuminates a much smaller area. Niterider's Pro LED 1200 headlight manages a 1200 lumen output directed by two separate reflectors in its housing. This allows the Pro LED 1200 to provide riders with a blend of both wide and spot beams. Calling it "superbright" and incredibly easy to install and remove,'s Chris Cassidy praised the Pro Led for its customization and utility on the trail.

Cateye Single Shot

Cateye's Single Shot headlight sports a rechargeable battery for frequent riders and one bright LED light offering high, low, and flashing modes. In a gear review on, Paul Smith called the Single Shot a "fantastic" light, noting that the casing's reflector focuses the light directly into the rider's path. This "results in almost all of the available light from the LED being used, rather than allowing it to spill or spread in unwanted directions." According to Smith, this feature along with the Single Shot's bright LED light allows the rider to "to ride at speed" in the middle of the night.

Lupine Tesla 5

With its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Lupine's Tesla 5 provides 700 lumens of output. It will run for three hours on high or up to 24 hours on its lowest setting. BikeRadar's Paul Smith noted that the battery's run time was impressive considering its low weight, but said, "The most impressive thing about this light is the beam pattern." In addition to the bright and far-reaching spotlight, "there's a well-defined peripheral spread as well that gives just the right amount of light for judging distance and speed."

Article Written By Billy Brown

Billy Brown is an outdoor sports writer living in Northern California. An avid rock climber and trail runner, he's been writing about outdoor activities, fitness and gear since 2005. He regularly contributes to "The Record Searchlight,", and, as well as other print and online publications. Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Simpson University and is a NASM-certified personal trainer.

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