Mexican Bass Fishing Tips

Mexican Bass Fishing Tips
Mexico offers quality bass fishing on numerous lakes. Many anglers visit Mexico for the trophy largemouth bass, but the country also has a strong population of peacock bass. Lakes El Salto, Baccarac, Comedero and Guerrero are popular destinations for Mexico bass, but there are others waiting to be fished. Many traveling anglers hire a guide to provide expert knowledge and a fishing boat, while others prefer to explore on their own.


Bass fishing in Mexico is similar to bass fishing in the United States, but many of the waters are less pressured. Bass will hide and wait to ambush unsuspecting prey. Look for submerged logs, weed beds, boat docks and undercut banks when bass fishing. Cast along the edge of the structures and allow the lure to sink before retrieving alongside the structure. Use hooks with weed guards to prevent snagging the structure. In thick weed beds, try top-water plugs that will not tangle in the weeds.


Monitor the temperature of the water and use slow retrieves in deep water when it is cool. The hot summer months are ideal for fishing top-water and using fast retrieves. When the fishing is slow on a hot day, it may be due to cooler water temperatures after a cold night. Carry a thermometer to measure the temperature at different depths. One of the most versatile retrieves in variable water temperatures is a wounded bait-fish. Allow the lure to sink and bring it back in intermittent intervals.


Mexico bass fishing is an exotic experience in a foreign country. If you speak Spanish, you will have an advantage in consulting locals about the fishing. Research bait-fish that are present before going fishing in Mexico and be willing to explore isolated channels on some of the big lakes and reservoirs. Numerous lakes have local guides with knowledge of bass fishing. Hiring a guide for the first day of the trip can give you an advantage. If you do not plan to hire a guide, speak with one and be willing to pay a small amount of money for information.


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