Types of Flowers in Florida

Types of Flowers in Florida
Florida is home to many beautiful and colorful flowers. Abundant sunshine and brief, frequent rains help nourish plants and produce striking blooms. Learning about types of flowers found in the state of Florida can help build botany knowledge, protect plant varieties and promote "Florida-friendly" gardening practices.


Bromeliads are low-maintenance, perennial plants that thrive in the state of Florida. This plant family is well known for the harvested pineapple; however, according to the Bromeliad Society International, there are over 2,700 types of bromeliad plants. Each variety features interesting, scalelike leaves and long-lasting, brightly colored flowers. Bromeliads are not only beautiful but also hardy. They have a high drought tolerance, grow well in sandy soils and thrive in locations with full sun. Bromeliads can be spotted throughout all growing zones in Florida.



Violets are low-growing plants that flower blue, purple, white and sometimes yellow blooms. These fragrant, vibrantly hued flowers grow quickly from seed and are hardy in northern and central Florida. Violets prefer partial sun and shade exposure and well-drained soils. Under such conditions they will bloom from March to August. Violets are often used in container gardening, flower beds and fence edging.


One of the most recognizable flowers is the sunflower. Although cultivars vary in height, bloom size and color, two types of perennial yellow sunflowers--swamp and beach--are native to Florida. Each variety grows quickly under the Florida sun, performs well in a variety of soils and is found throughout the state. A sunflower's yellow blooms produce healthy, edible seeds. Additionally, a snipped sunflower bloom makes a dramatic floral arrangement.


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