Children's Climbing Games

Children's Climbing Games
Rock climbing is a popular sport and activity for people of all ages, including young children. Climbing games can help children maintain their excitement and enthusiasm about climbing. A variety of climbing games are available for children of all ages, which can be played alone or with any number of other climbers. When playing climbing games, choose short sections of climbing walls or a bouldering wall to play on for extra safety.

Add on

Add on is one of the most popular games played between at least two climbers. Add on requires that both climbers choose a hold on the wall to designate as a starting hold. After the starting hold, each climber takes turns adding one move to the initial starting hold. A variation on this game is "hands only", where the chosen holds, designated for use by only the hands and feet, can be placed anywhere.

Take Away

Take away is another popular game and played between two or more climbers. Take away can be seen as the opposite of Add on. In Take away, both climbers decide on a route of approximately 20 holds that they can both do. Climbers take turns removing one hold from the sequence. The game is won when one climber is not able to finish the sequence, but the other can.


Taps is played with one or more players. Climbers select a hold that they designate as a starting hold. Climbers then compete to see which climber can tap the most holds without moving from the initial starting hold.

Blind Climb

In Blind Climb, several climbers choose an initial climbing sequence. Then, each climber takes turns with a blindfold to see who can progress the furthest on the sequence.

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