Ingredients for Trout Bait

Ingredients for Trout BaitSeveral factors are significant when fishing for trout. Success depends on the right equipment, location and methods for enticing the fish. The question of lure vs. bait is an important consideration and answered only by a fisherman's preference. As with any other component of trout fishing, finding the most successful bait requires trial and testing, and the best results can come from unexpected sources.



The high fat content of cheese and cheese products, and their ability to stand up to water and retain their composition, make them useful in bait recipes. Most recipes recommend cream cheese or mascarpone, and cheese products such as Velveeta or Cheese Whiz, as they release their fats and oils readily, making their presence known to fish quickly. Because most soft cheeses and cheese products have runny consistencies, recipes call for mixing these products with some kind of adhesive, such as bread crumbs.



Corn is a popular ingredient in trout bait with fishermen around the country, particularly those who fish farm-grown trout. Although fresh corn will not work, due to its tough texture, canned corn attracts trout. The belief among fishermen is that because of the use of corn in the fish pellets that farmers use to feed trout, the fish have become accustomed to its taste and have come to recognize it as a source of nutrition, making it effective bait. The angler usually threads the soft yet firm kernels found in canned corn on the hook, but some recipes call for mixing the corn with other popular ingredients.

Salmon Roe (pictured at top)

Available in most bait shops, particularly close to opening day, salmon eggs have always been a popular option when it comes to trout fishing. Because roe constitute a part of the regular diet that trout enjoy, it seems a natural choice for any fisherman, and the availability and diversity of the eggs can fit most budgets and needs. Roe is available in its natural form, or even with a fluorescent hue. Fishermen use it for trout bait alone or in combination with other things. Roe has become so popular that specialty hooks have become available to hold the eggs properly.

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