The Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures

The Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures
Bass are a favorite of fishermen everywhere. They hit hard and fight hard, giving anglers plenty of sport. They taste great on the dinner table or over a campfire. Topwater frog lures and skitter pop poppers work great in the summer, but spinnerbaits, jig and pigs, floating rapalas, power worms and rat-l-traps bring the action when winter arrives.

Plastic Worms

Plastic worms are the most versatile lure on the market. You can use them alone or with trailers. A Zoom Trick Worm on a Texas-Rig can be used at the surface or pulled through a structure to turn wary bass into impulse feeders.

Tube Bait

If you want a lure that works anywhere at any time, the Tube Bait is a winner. You can catch large and smallmouth bass in most any water or temperature. A Tube Bait is able to trick bass into thinking it's many types of food. Green pumpkin- or pumpkinseed colored Berkeley Powerbait tubes are a good choice, and they're deadly when combined with a Texas-Rig that has a tungsten weight attached.

Spinner Bait

The Spinner Bait's ability to find hungry bass makes it a hit with bass fishing enthusiasts. You can run it fast or slow at all water depths. Tie one on as the water warms because that's when it works best.


Senkos can be worked many ways and bass find them hard to resist. The Wacky Rig is a popular technique, but with so many options, this lure is attracting growing attention from the bass fishing community.

Lip-less Crankbait

A more versatile version of the Classic Crankbait, these lip-less lures can be fished at many depths and speeds. They're favored by all kinds of anglers, and bass fishing pro Kevin Van Dam considers them his go-to bait.

Bass Jig

A top choice of tournament anglers, Bass Jigs can be worked in all kinds of ways. Football-head styles are ideal down deep, and shad-colored jigs are great on the surface. When a trailer is added, the fish can't resist.

Classic Lip Crankbait

Crankbaits have proven their worth over the years. That's why they're always evolving and adapting to testing results. Their versatility makes them popular with tournament anglers who use them as locators over flats and underwater structures.

Creature Baits

These soft plastic lures are designed to look like anything that might strike the fancy of a hungry bass. The unique appearance of Creature Baits like the Yum Wooly Beavertail can be enticing in overfished waters. You can even combine them with other baits.


The live bait appearance and realistic movement of Swimbaits has made them a go-to lure for lunker largemouths. They're a popular choice in bass fishing states like Texas and California, but you can find a style and color for any location.


This jig/buzzbait hybrid is new on the market, but it's getting lots of attention in the bass community. In fishing tournaments and on local lakes, the Chatterbait is earning a reputation as a reliable and effective lure.

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