Fishing Tips for Peacock Bass

Fishing Tips for Peacock Bass
Peacock bass can be found in warm water environments. Tropical regions in North, Central and South America support healthy populations of peacock bass. The bass are a popular sport fish and are known for explosive strikes and fighting power. Peacock bass are also known for their exotic appearance and are considered a beautiful fish by many anglers.


Peacock bass like to hang around structure and ambush unsuspecting prey. Look for downed trees, submerged logs, boat docks, undercut banks and overhanging branches. Fishing around structure should be done with a heavy test line to assist in pulling fish away from snags. Snags with deep, dark water are ideal hiding places for peacock bass. Sinking lures with weed guards can be fished along the edges of structures and floating lures with rattles can be fished over submerged structures.

Bait Fish

Peacock bass will chase schools of bait-fish toward the shoreline until the bait-fish are nearly beached. Once the bait-fish have run out of room to swim, the bass go on a feeding frenzy. Look for commotion near the shoreline and be prepared to cast into the schools of bait-fish. Birds feeding on the bank are also an indication of bait-fish being pushed into the shoreline. The lure choice is not as important as getting in a cast while the bass are feeding. Use the lure that is already attached to your line and be prepared for an aggressive strike.

Retrieves and Lures

Peacock bass are most active during the warm summer months. During the summer the fish can be caught using top water lures or sinking lures. Fast and slow retrieves can be used and should be varied until the bass strike regularly. During the winter, use sinking lures and a slow bumping retrieve. The lure should appear to be a wounded bait-fish and an easy meal for the bass. Peacock bass are opportunistic feeders and will eat almost any lure that crosses their path. Use durable lures and strong hooks to avoid breaking equipment.

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