Fishing Related Jobs

Fishing Related Jobs
Fishing-related jobs require the employee to have extensive knowledge of fishing equipment and the bodies of water on which they work. Many fishing jobs demand long hours and require one to be active in an outdoor environment. Some fishing jobs also require medical certifications and emergency training. Finding a fishing job requires networking and social skills, and you often begin with menial jobs before climbing the ladder.


One of the most common starting points in the fishing industry is through a retail store. Working in a fishing store allows you to network with fishing guides and acquire expert knowledge from other employees and customers. Retail also introduces you to fishing equipment, and you will have the opportunity to learn about different brands and the function of different products. A job in retail requires stocking shelves, taking inventory, customer service, cleaning and using a cash register.

Fishing Guide

Many fishing guides are seasonal employees who work long hours during the fishing season. Guides must have expert knowledge of fishing and be intimate with the waters on which they work. Guides also must know the weather, have great people skills and be able to bring clients to where the fish is. Fishing guides who work from a boat must have mechanical skills, rowing skills and knowledge of obstacles in the rivers or lakes on which they are guides. Medical training may also be a requirement. Fishing guides who specialize in wading and back-country trips are walking much of the day and should be physically fit.

Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing jobs require long hours and multiday trips at sea. The success of commercial fishing depends on the captain's ability to find fish and the employees' ability to work physically demanding tasks for long periods of time. The benefit of commercial fishing is the high pay for catching limits on valuable fish. Crab, lobster, swordfish and salmon all demand a high price in the marketplace. Commercial fishermen are paid depending on experience and their loyalty to their captains. Greenhorns begin with grunt work. The commercial fishing industry also has jobs in canneries and fish processing plants.

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