Most Popular Fish Finders

Most Popular Fish Finders
Fish finders are a valuable tool for still-water and saltwater anglers. The most popular fish finders are weather-resistant and have the ability to track fish movement, display the depth and reveal the geography of the lake bottom. Fish finders can increase success rates for fisherman because they take the guesswork out of locating fish and allow you to focus on fishing technique.

Humminbird 587Ci

The Hummingbird 587Ci is a popular fish finder with fanatic anglers and guides. The unit has the ability to store 50 routes and 3,000 waypoints, and it has a color display of the lake bottom. It can be mounted or dropped in the dash of a boat and uses a 16-channel GPS system with track-plotting software. This fish finder is ideal for advanced anglers who do the majority of their fishing in a few bodies of water. The unit allows the angler to become intimate with the underwater landscape and find consistent fishing spots.

Garmin Color Fish Finder 400c

The Garmin Fish Finder 400 is a great tool that is simple to operate. The color screen minimizes reflection and allows you to easily read the screen in different lighting situations. The 4,000 watt model reads depths of 1,500 feet and displays the contour of the bottom and reads passing fish and the depth of the fish. It also reads the water temperature which is helpful for finding the comfort zone of the fish. This unit is a top seller because it is simple and provides all the necessary information without confusion. It has high reviews from Cabela' customers and is recommended for anglers of all skill levels.

Hummingbird PiranhaMax 150

The Hummingbird PiranhaMax 150 is a popular low-end fish finder. The unit is extremely simple and provides the angler with depth, temperature and a fish alarm. The unit is small and can easily be mounted out of the way. It is also easy to operate and can be used by simply turning on the power. It has a black-and-white display that is easy to read and can be adjusted with the zoom feature. The unit is popular because it serves the function of most anglers at a low price. It also has good reviews from Cabela' customers.

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