Things Needed for RV Camping

Things Needed for RV Camping
Camping in an RV is more luxurious than camping in a tent because you have a bed, bathroom and kitchen within steps. You also have access to electricity and running water, not to mention modern day convenience items such as a television. However, you're also at risk of forgetting something important, which necessitates a list of things needed for RV camping.

Kitchen Items

Before heading off on your RV adventure, make sure that you have all the items you need in the kitchen because while it may be easy to find stores, there's no point buying things you already have. A good rule of thumb is to make a list of the things you use in a week in your own home and take those things along, or make a list of the things you plan on making and taking along the necessary equipment. Kitchen knives, utensils, pots, pans, a cutting board and aluminum foil are a few basic items you'll need. Also consider bringing along items to make coffee and tea, (if you drink those) and plastic storage containers to hold leftovers.

Outdoor Items

Outdoor items include everything you plan on using outside the RV, such as items for relaxing at the campground. Take along a chair for each person traveling in the RV, as well as an extra chair if you have space, in case one breaks. A barbeque grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and a lighter are necessary for some campers. Another good tip is to bring along an extra grill cover for use on the campfire ring, in case one isn't provided by the campground. Don't forget bug spray and sunscreen as well.

Cleaning Products

When you camp in an RV, you're bound to clean at least once a day and more often if you prepare food and eat inside the camper. Dish soap, scrub brushes and sponges are all needed, just for cleaning dishes. Also consider taking some products such as multiple purpose cleaner, which cleans the tables, walls and some surfaces inside the camper. Some may also find it helpful to bring along a small vacuum cleaner such as a handheld model for dealing with minor spills.

Miscellaneous Items

Camping in an RV also requires the use of some other items that don't fit into one of the other categories. A GPS unit and maps or an atlas fall under this category. You'll also need to bring a spare container for transporting gasoline, a flashlight and toilet paper are other items you might need. Lastly, consider bringing along a portable generator and a fan or heater depending on the weather.

Article Written By Jennifer Eblin

Jennifer Eblin has been a full-time freelance writer since 2006. Her work has appeared on several websites, including Tool Box Tales and Zonder. Eblin received a master's degree in historic preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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