The Best Shirt for Fishing Guides

The Best Shirt for Fishing Guides
Fishing guides spend the majority of their time on the water and require superior gear. The best shirts for fishing guides are comfortable, durable and quick-drying. The shirt should provide protection from the sun and be breathable. Pockets are also important on a fishing shirt as guides usually carry extra gear and need places to stash tools while tying knots and landing fish.


The Simms Guide Shirt is designed for guides and hard-core anglers. The shirt has UPF 30 sun protection and uses Simms COR3 technology for insulation, breathability and wind protection. The back of the shirt has mesh venting and the front has pleated chest pockets with underlying zippered mesh pockets. The shirt is efficient because of the pocket space and comfortable, durable design.


The Cabela's Guidewear GXII Long Sleeve has UPF 40 sun protection, a tippet pocket and pockets for fly boxes. The back of the shirt has mesh ventilation, and zippers under the arms can be used to control airflow through the shirt. It also has a hook and loop to secure the sleeves when rolled and a rod-holder loop on the front shoulder. The airflow control through the shirt allows it to dry quickly and the extra storage is important for a guide.


Patagonia is a powerhouse in outdoor clothing and the Guidewater Shirt is a high performance piece of equipment. The water-repellent shirt has a 30 UPF sun-protection rating and is designed to fight the wind, water, sun and insects. It has built-in tabs to secure rolled sleeves, a snap-down collar, hidden daisy chain and mesh pocket bags. The large chest pockets also hold tools and fly boxes. The shirt is effective for guiding in inclement weather.

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