Games to Play on Camping Trips

Games to Play on Camping Trips
Camping is a popular pastime, but without the entertainment that modern technology provides, the downtime can be tedious. Camping games are a fun way to pass the time and interact with your friends and family, and the environment.

Keep on Tracking

Keep on Tracking is game that requires at least two teams with two or three people to a side. Each team is given a card that identifies an animal before they retreat to a sandy area and begin making tracks similar to the animal. Teams continue to make tracks until they cross and identify tracks from other teams. The team with the most points wins.



Stalking is another fun game to play while camping. In this game, one person is blindfolded and sits on the ground with sticks between his legs. The remainder of the group stalks the prey and attempts to remove the sticks without being heard. If the prey hears the predator and points in the correct direction, the predator must start over. The prey is also allowed to move his arms and attempt to touch the predator.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is ideal for camping with kids. Hide a prize next to a marked "X" somewhere around the campsite. Leave footprints and arrows that lead to the treasure in a roundabout way. Draw a map with directions to the treasure, and teach the kids how to read the map. Let the kids loose on the hunt and follow them for safety.

Scary Stories

Once it is dark, active games are difficult to play. Telling stories around a campfire is a fun way to bond with family and friends. Plan a scary story and tell it with dramatic detail. The story will get the other campers excited and they will be afraid to leave their seats.


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