The Best Spotted Trout Lures

The Best Spotted Trout LuresSpotted trout, also known as speckled trout, are found in coastal environments and are a popular game fish for anglers. The gulf coast is one of the most popular areas for spotted trout fishing, and anglers should carry lures for a variety of situations. The trout can be caught year-round but are more active and accessible during the spring and summer while feeding in estuaries. Spotted trout are known for being hard fighters and are valued for the good tasting meat.


Spotted trout are opportunistic feeders, but the larger fish will focus on eating other fish. Spoons are an excellent choice for imitating bait-fish and fishing in water with variable depths. Silver and gold spoons do an excellent job of imitating general bait-fish and should be used in different sizes and weights. Large, heavy spoons are ideal for targeting big fish in deep water, and the smaller lighter spoons can be used as a general purpose searching pattern at a moderate depth. The smaller spoon is also effective for fishing shallow flats and toward schools of spotted trout feeding near the surface.



Jigs are used for spotted trout during the winter months and at night when the trout congregate to feed under marina lights. Jigs can be fished on a twitching retrieve or directly beneath a boat in deeper water. The heavy head of a jig makes the lure swim in a wounded fashion and is effective for creating aggressive strikes. Jigs with white, pink or red marabou bodies, are top choices. Jigs with soft plastic bodies are also popular for imitating bait-fish and shrimp.

Floating Lures

During the summer months, spotted trout can be found feeding near the surface of shallow water. Floating lures make a commotion on the surface of the water and draw aggressive strikes from larger spotted trout. The motion of the lure is more important than the size and color, but the larger lures in black, white, red, pink and chartreuse are effective. Use dark lures in low light conditions and light colors on bright days.

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