The Best American-Made Fly Fishing Rods

The Best American-Made Fly Fishing Rods
Many of the fishing products today are made in foreign countries with the fly rod market being one of the few exceptions. Several companies manufacture fly rods exclusively in the United States while others have combination of foreign and domestic production. Many of the American made fly rods are high performance and are competitive on the international market.


Sage is a well known fly rod and reel manufacturer. The company manufacturers all of its rods in the United States and makes a rod for all skill levels and a variety of fishing situations. The Flight series rods have a medium action and are ideal for beginning casters, while the TCX, VT2, ZXL and Z-axis all have fast actions and are great for intermediate and advanced casters. Sage also makes a Bass series and the Xi3 for saltwater fishing.


All of the Scott Fly Rods are made in Colorado and the company has rods for a variety of experience levels and fishing situations. The A3 is a value rod with a medium-fast action that is great for the beginner and the S4 is a great multipurpose fast action rod. Scott also makes several specialty rods including the sensitive G2, fiberglass rods, bamboo rods, saltwater rods and two handed spey rods. Scott also has a pro staff with numerous experts who provide regular feedback to the company.

Thomas & Thomas

Thomas & Thomas has been producing high-quality fly rods in the United States since 1968. The company has several models including switch rods, bamboo rods and two-handed spey rods. The Whisper-Lite is an all-round trout rod with a medium action and smooth casting ability and the Apex is a great choice for fishing for steelhead and salmon in windy conditions. The hand-crafted bamboo rods are also one of the signatures of this company and have been recognized as some of the best in the world.

St. Croix

St. Croix was founded in 1948 and continues to produce high-quality rods in the United States. The factory is located in Park Falls, Wisconsin and the company offers a range of rods to the consumer. The Legend Elite comes in a lightweight trout version and a fast action saltwater version. The Legend Ultra is another popular rod that has a medium-fast action and comes in a single hand and multigrip spey model. The rod size ranges from a 2 weight to a 12 weight and can be used for most freshwater species. St. Croix has a long-standing history as one of the best American rod companies and continues to manufacture quality rods in the United States.


Orvis is one of the original American sporting companies and although many of the catalog products are made in foreign countries, most of the rods are manufactured in the United States. The company has a large selection of rods including freshwater, saltwater, spey and bamboo rods. The Helios series is a lightweight freshwater and saltwater rod suited for most of the species a fly fisherman will encounter. The Superfine is another popular series with Orvis and is ideal for small flies and precision casting. Orvis has a good reputation among fly fisherman and is known for excellent customer service.

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