Fly Fishing Rod Components

Fly Fishing Rod Components
Fly rods are comprised of several components that combine to create often highly specialized tools for catching a wide range of freshwater and saltwater sport fish. Available in various lengths, weights and materials, fly rods can range in price from less than $100 to well over $1000. Many fly fisherman build or order custom rods by combining components to create a rod that suits a specific purpose or need.

Fly Rod Blank

Fly rod blanks are most commonly made from composite graphite material. Some more expensive and exotic rod blanks are made from split bamboo. A blank can range in length from less than 5 feet to over 9 feet. Most longer fly rod blanks are designed in two or more sections; travel rods feature up to seven or eight sections.

Line Guides

Line guides are mounted to the fly rod blank by wrapping the foot of the guide with special thread. The thread is coated with a sealant for protection and durability. Line guides are made by various companies from materials such as stainless steel, chrome steel and titanium. The line guides and tip on a fly rod are typically a snake design with only the stripping, or first of the largest guides, featuring a nylon insert. The stripping guide has an insert to reduce wear on the fly line during casting, stripping and retrieval.

Fly Rod Grips

Fly rod grips are most commonly made from cork: Portuguese cork is favored among many of the manufacturers that produce higher end fly rods. The grip is assembled from cork rings that are stacked and glued. The cork is then turned on a lathe, shaped and smoothed. Fly rod grips are available in various shapes, including Wells, Reverse Half Wells and Cigar.

Reel Seat

The reel seat is used as a mounting point for attaching the reel to the rod. A reel seat is comprised of a metal end cap, trim ring and locking ring with the insert made of various materials. Metals used in the reel seat include aluminum, polished nickel, brass, titanium and steel. The reel seat insert may be made of various materials including cork, metal, carbon fiber and an assortment of exotic woods.

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